Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tatting (Frivolité in Dutch)

Found an old book in the library about tatting, seemed a suitable occupation during Christmas. Took me a while to master the technique, but now I can go on and on, with every new round the piece will grow. It is very relaxing. I remember my grandmother knew how to do it.
It wasn't easy to find a shop who still had the spindles. A very old shop in our citycentre had some in a faraway drawer. On the internet you can ofcourse find them.
On the internet are tattinggroups active, but I don't think I have time for that.


  1. Wow Helen,

    this looks nice ! And you've never done it before ?
    I've started crocheting flowers and hearts... it's was since childhood that I've done that, but it's fun and relaxing and something totally different than making books, working with paint and inks,...

    greetings from belgium

  2. That is a truly remarkable first effort - well done. Tatting is very difficult to learn from a book - it is a lot easier to learn if you are shown by someone. Please keep trying - it really is worth it.



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