Thursday, January 28, 2010

Making travel journals

This is my first travel journal about a visit to Barcelona. I collected tickets and receipts and pamphlets and put them in a little booklet I had bought.

This little book used to be a cookbook, I just pasted my pictures and put my drawings on top of the text. It is about a holiday in the lake district in the north of England. I collected the pieces during our travels.

This little book is about our visit to Valencia in Spain, where my son was studying during that time. A beautiful place, really worth a visit.

This latest journal is about Lisboa (Portugal). I made the book from bank envelopes and a paper bag I got during the visit. I stencilled and used gesso, on that I doodled. I didn't paste the memorabilia but used my sewing machine, that is a very nice way to decorate your pages.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Book with assorted papers and fabric cover

I have been working on a fabric cover for a book to be filled with a stash of papers that have been lying around. First I made a fabric transfer, then I did some doodling with markers. I wrote some words on little fabric scraps and stitched them onto the cover. With acrylic paint I stencilled and stamped with bubblewrap plastic. At last I attached a couple of transparacies.

The book is really messy in the spine, not my style really, but it is very tactile and nice to touch. I had a hard time to put the signatures in.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Collage with mixed mediums

Since I have the book 'Collage unleashed' by Tracy Bautista I really enjoy making collages. Her book is so inspiring! An abundance of information, also about working on fabric. The transparacy I used is not printed, I just wrote on acetate with a marker and used that.
The little portrait is Sarah Bernhardt, the famous Belle Epoque actress. I adore that period in history.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Michelle Wards Street Team Crusade 36 Braving the elements

'Braving the elements' you could say that again, in the Netherlands we have one weather alarm after the other! What a little snow can do. A very good challenge, I found it surprisingly hard to cut snowflakes. It didn't become real snowflakes at all, but I didn't want to cut them for hours, because we had to do the challenge within an hour. I didn't quite succeed in that, it took me a some more time. I just bought a jar of gesso for half price, so it was nice to have a reason to use that rightaway. I really liked the effect spraying with water had on the surface and stencilling with gesso is a nice way to make layers. I didn't do the older crusades, so it is good some of that stuff is repeated now. I am not totally satisfied with the outcome of my pages, but I learned a lot and I have enough gesso to repeat the exercise. Thanks for the inspiring challenge!
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