Thursday, January 28, 2010

Making travel journals

This is my first travel journal about a visit to Barcelona. I collected tickets and receipts and pamphlets and put them in a little booklet I had bought.

This little book used to be a cookbook, I just pasted my pictures and put my drawings on top of the text. It is about a holiday in the lake district in the north of England. I collected the pieces during our travels.

This little book is about our visit to Valencia in Spain, where my son was studying during that time. A beautiful place, really worth a visit.

This latest journal is about Lisboa (Portugal). I made the book from bank envelopes and a paper bag I got during the visit. I stencilled and used gesso, on that I doodled. I didn't paste the memorabilia but used my sewing machine, that is a very nice way to decorate your pages.


  1. Your books are great. I love journaling about my travels, but I use new empty books. I really like your use of other things as journals. Thanks for sharing.



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