Sunday, January 10, 2010

Michelle Wards Street Team Crusade 36 Braving the elements

'Braving the elements' you could say that again, in the Netherlands we have one weather alarm after the other! What a little snow can do. A very good challenge, I found it surprisingly hard to cut snowflakes. It didn't become real snowflakes at all, but I didn't want to cut them for hours, because we had to do the challenge within an hour. I didn't quite succeed in that, it took me a some more time. I just bought a jar of gesso for half price, so it was nice to have a reason to use that rightaway. I really liked the effect spraying with water had on the surface and stencilling with gesso is a nice way to make layers. I didn't do the older crusades, so it is good some of that stuff is repeated now. I am not totally satisfied with the outcome of my pages, but I learned a lot and I have enough gesso to repeat the exercise. Thanks for the inspiring challenge!
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  1. Helen - thanks for sharing your pages, they are great! Happy to hear you found the spraying water on gesso interesting too. A lot can be learned from a simple assignment, don't you think? I cut snowflakes so often I assumed it would be easy for everyone :)

  2. I love the texture you created! Love your combinations.

  3. Looks like you had a fun time with this wintery crusade ! Isn't it fun to use so many wonderful "toys" that we have on hand ?
    Nice job, crusader ! Cheers !

  4. Your work is lovely. The colors in your snowflake pages are so nice. I also enjoyed looking at your books.

    What part of the Netherlands are you from? I've only been to Amsterdam and Nijmegen, but they were both beautiful places. I'm sure you are tired of the cold. The grass is always greener I guess.

    Thanks or stopping by today.

  5. Very nice! And isn't cutting the snowflakes so fun and even relaxing? It's almost looking for a mystery after they are cut, opening them and seeing what happens!
    I forgot to mention this with my challenge, but it took me over an hour to finish. It took about an hour and 20 mins. I didn't even get the water spraying in! Its hard to stop cutting stencils and then trying new things with the colors.
    Very fun. Glad you joined in this one. You can still go back and check out older challenges; Michelle's a great teacher!

  6. Hi, there. I wrote a comment but I don't think I did it right because it didn't confirm. anyway, I just thought I'd say that it took me over an hour to do this, too! It is always fun to cut the snowflakes or hearts or whatever!

    Thanks for sharing your pages. And yeah, gesso is so versatile!

  7. I like the abstract quality of your pages, and the colors are lovely too. Yes, there is always alot to learn in the Crusades.
    Glad you joined us.


  8. This challenge of cutting snowflakes really fits our Dutch winter this year. Yummy pages

  9. I like what you've done here with your snowflakes, capturing the cool winter colors. The trick to cutting snowflakes I find is to use thin paper, like the pages of catalogs, and fold the paper into eighths or even sixteenths before cutting. For more ideas, check out the book link on my blog. Thanks for commenting and it's nice to meet you!

  10. You've done a wonderful page. Thanks for commenting on mine. The paper bag jouranl I made came form here

    In case you want to try a snowflake again sometime here is the snowflake tutorial I used

  11. I had snowflake problems too! I like the colours you picked, very cold looking without being straight blues. Thanks for sharing.

  12. lovely colors! again i see beautiful flowers instead of snowflakes!

  13. Such a wonderful pages. Especially the mono background.

  14. Beautiful colors, so happy to have discovered your art and your blog!xoSusan

  15. Hello Helen,

    I could say this in Dutch, but like your wrote on my blogpost , that's not so fun for the other commenters cause they don't understand what we wrote...

    It's nice to meet someone from the Netherlands in the bloggingworld and I read you make books too ! I must stroll through your blogpost to see and to read more !

    About your crusade : I like the colorcombination of the green, the white and the blues. Your icestars do look a bit different, but they look like big flowers to me, so that's not so bad.

    greetings from Belgium

  16. I think you should be made some great layers and used a couple of new techniques..I think you have a beautiful result!

  17. your cool colors warmed my heart. Sweet.



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