Friday, February 26, 2010

Paper Fabric

Paper fabric is a combination of a fabric background on which pieces of paper are pasted with PVA glue. The fun is that before you start covering your fabric you can put threads or other flat items on the fabric and when you use thin paper layers you will see them through. I found a tutorial on internet some time ago, but now there is a great tutorial here: I made my paper fabric on a rather sturdy coton fabric, a leftover piece from a curtain. When the paper fabric was dry, I stencilled on it and added some stitching with my sewingmachine and some doodling with a marker. The feel is a bit leatherlike, I really love it and it stays very flexable. I got inspired to make a bookcover out of it, a bracelet and a corsage.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Michelle Ward's Street Team Challenge 37 Xxx's and Ooo's

This is another Street Team Challenge I liked to play along with. Because of Valentine the theme is Love Letters and Michelle was so kind to explain to me that XO just means kisses and hugs. I realized I finally understand Trisha Yearwood's song Xxx's and ooo's!! So I put a line of that song in my pages. And I sign all my letters with xxx's and ooo's from now on (altough I'm not an American girl).

There are a lot of techniques I used in these pages. To name a few: stencilcutting, gesso resist stamping, portion control, brush effects with monoprint, dirty brushing and ofcourse stamping. To find a description of all these exiting techniques go to Michelle Ward's Street Team.
I am not totally content with my colors and my compostion, I have to think about that before I start next time. But it is a good learning experience to use these different ways of making layers on your page.


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