Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Michelle Ward's Street Team Challenge 37 Xxx's and Ooo's

This is another Street Team Challenge I liked to play along with. Because of Valentine the theme is Love Letters and Michelle was so kind to explain to me that XO just means kisses and hugs. I realized I finally understand Trisha Yearwood's song Xxx's and ooo's!! So I put a line of that song in my pages. And I sign all my letters with xxx's and ooo's from now on (altough I'm not an American girl).

There are a lot of techniques I used in these pages. To name a few: stencilcutting, gesso resist stamping, portion control, brush effects with monoprint, dirty brushing and ofcourse stamping. To find a description of all these exiting techniques go to Michelle Ward's Street Team.
I am not totally content with my colors and my compostion, I have to think about that before I start next time. But it is a good learning experience to use these different ways of making layers on your page.


  1. Helen! This is fabulous!!! I have never heard the somg you mention, but love the lyric. I will go check it out. I really like all your textures, and I think the colors are great! Thanks for sharing your work with the team!!

  2. Your journal pages are nice. I loved the story. Really interesting to me, a Texan (USA). Never thought it was an American thing with the X's and O's. Thanks for sharing! xoxo

  3. Hi Helen,
    Thank you for your comment, yes! it is a snowflake-I had so much fun with the last Crusade, I used the technique in this one! Your pages are wonderful - and I am a big fan of Trisha Yearwood, too.

  4. Love the colours in the second one particularly. Must ask Mum if she knows the song.

  5. wow, i really love your spread, especially the colors and the white highlights.

  6. Hello Helen,

    I'm glad that I wasn't the only one who didn't understand the X and O's....It really seems this is not an European thing...
    When I first saw the XOXO in the magazines of Stampington I really wondered what it ment. It was mostly used in Christmascards.. but I couldn't figure out what the meaning of it was...

    Until after a post of Michelle where she used the XO, I finally asked her after two years of wondering... She made a special post for me and now I use the XO a lot. Even my 16 year old daughter now uses it :)
    I'm not an American girl too, but the XO is something I really like...

    I don't have a wow effect on your page ( had the same problem with mine) but there are certain things that I DO like about your page : the greens and the yellows on the first page and the layers that you have achieved in the page !

    I think the fun of these crusades is not always the result but the experience you have through experimenting !
    So I completely agree with you !
    greetings from belgium

  7. Love your pages and the song reference too. I love doing these challenges they are so much fun...

  8. I love all the layers of color.

  9. Beautiful pages. The shape of your letters is very pretty.

  10. I really like the shadowy effect of the paint and the white journaling against the background.

  11. Very pretty colors and my favorite detail is the little black stamped hearts you have sprinkled all around the background!! xoSusan

  12. Love your beautiful work here...and your books too.
    You asked about making cards out of these sheets on my blog but I can't find an e-mail address. I use the standard 8.5x11 inch size of US paper and cut it into 4 pieces. To make a card base use the same size and cut in half. Cut front art a little smaller to have a small border of the card base showing when glued together. Happy creating!



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