Sunday, June 6, 2010

Making a little bag out of an old jacket

I made this bag out of an old jacket. And I have enough material left to make another one. I decided to make use of one of the pockets. On it I sewed a fabric transfer of one of my collages. The little pieces of tatting I made to practice that technique, I sewed on top. The little ornament is a piece of butterfly wing behind glass. This is my jacket, brown and a little old, I wondered what to do with it. The fabric is rather sturdy, so very useful for a little bag.
I took two pieces out of the fabric (jacket ruined for ever). One piece with a pocket.

I transferred a collage on white coton and layed out some pieces on the front of my bag to see how it best fitted.

With my sewing machine I fastened the transfers and some ribbons on my bag.

The tatting I sewed on by hand. Finally I will make a cord for the bag and I have a good place to put my keys while at work.

It is the first time I am making photo's while working on something. I got the idea from Daisy Yellow Blog. It is a nice way to document the process, although I had really to remind myself a few times to get my camera.

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  1. very nice!! i have an old black shiny vinyl jacket someone gave me that i have been planning to turn into a bag--i like the way you added some collage to yours and i think i will do that to mine! thanks for the inspiration!



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