Saturday, July 31, 2010

Needle tatting try-outs

Since I found the weblog of Totusmel I wanted to try out needle tatting, she makes the most amazing pieces of her own design and what is really great she shares her techniques on videos and these are easy to follow. I ordered my needles on the internet. I used a #5 with thread #10.

So I made some samples you see above. I did tatting before with shuttles and I think I prefer working with shuttles, I am not shure why. The shuttle tatting is finer in appearance and you can do more, because a needle won't bend. Well, that's how I think about it, so far.


  1. no idea what needle tatting is (yet), but they look fantastic! very celtic

  2. helen - i used to shuttle tat years ago but never heard of needle tatting. THESE ARE GORGEOUS! i will follow the link you shared and check it out. just seeing your work makes me want to track down my shuttle again, and try black thread! (i always used white!)

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