Friday, February 18, 2011

Been there, done that: Crusade 48. Making evidence pages in your journal

We're making evidence pages in our journals for the crusades organised by Michelle Ward. For my spread I saved some cards and bills from a short stay in Nijmegen this month (the oldest city in the Netherlands), we visited some friends and had a wonderful time. I lived there once, so it is also a trip along memory lane but a lot changed since those days.

We maken pagina's over dingen die we hebben gedaan of meegemaakt voor de Crusades van Michelle Ward. Ik heb wat kaartjes en rekeningen verzameld van een tripje naar Nijmegen deze maand, waar we vrienden bezochten en veel plezier hadden. Ik heb daar ooit nog gewoond, maar er is veel veranderd in de stad.
Above is the final result of my spread, perhaps I will add some doodling or stitches later on.
Hierboven zie het uiteindelijke resultaat, misschien voeg ik later nog wat doodles of steken toe.
First I stamped my pages with bubble wrap and acrylic paint.
Eerst gestempeld met noppenplastic en acrylverf.
Next I pasted the map, some cards and a little brown envelope for some more cards on the page.
Vervolgens de verschillende dingen opgeplakt, zoals de kaart en foldertjes.
After that I added some stamping and some paint to blend in the map.
Daarna nog wat gestempeld en wat verf toegevoegd.


  1. Helen - I love this spread! Perfect example of an evidence page - and perfect reason to do it, a fun trip! Love that you included a map and the other paper trails that help you remember the experience there. I also love the paint you added. Thanks for sharing with the team!!

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog!
    I love what you have done with this months Crusade. The map is an especially nice touch.
    All my best-

  3. How great that you took the time to share the stages of this page, it's always fun to see a page grow, and old cities are magic. I love the architecture of the old city in Stockholm, narrow streets and beautiful houses.

    Take care and have a lovely week!

  4. Thanks for showing how you got the layers to coordinate and blend--not always easy. I love the way you explained this, I felt I could follow along on your adventure!

  5. Love all of the different elements on your page!

  6. City trips are my favourite adventures, especially cities with lots of history....your pages have inspired me to add Nijmegen to my list of places to visit one day...

  7. Helen, your pages are awesome! I love the red and yellow together.



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