Friday, June 17, 2011

Seasonal Wardrobe: what palette do you use on your journal page?

Final page with doodles and stickers and a stamp. Some text (I might add some more later)
First a layer of gesso and a sketch of 4 palettes.
Acrylic paint and NeocolorII
Stencils with spraypaint

Crusade 52: Seasonal Wardrobe of Michelle Ward's Street Team asks us crusaders to think about the colors we use on our pages and if we change them with the change of the seasons.
Well, I really had to take a look in my journal to find out. And yes my colors seem to become brighter when spring is in the air. But most of the time I just choose my favorite colors, being: purple, violet, dark red, blue/green, and ofcourse black and white. I decided to put my four favorite palettes on one page just to see what the effect would be.
When I reflect on the colors I mostly use, I can see they are rather loud. Perhaps a good exercise for me would be to go for a more subtile palette next time: I do admire those who make pages in shades of browns with a light touch of pink or yellow. I call that the eco look.
For those who want to participate in this challenge or have a look at what the other crusaders made of this, go the the link above and find out what your seasoanal wardrobe is.

Crusade 52: Seasonal Wardrobe van Michelle Wards Street Team vraagt dit keer eens na te denken over de kleuren die je gebruikt op je pagina's en of er verandering optreedt bij de wisseling van de seizoenen. Ik moest echt in mij art journal gaan kijken om te zien of dat het geval is. Mijn kleuren worden inderdaad helderder bij het begin van de lente. Maar meestal ga ik voor mijn lievelingskleuren: paars, violet, donkerrood, blauw/groen en natuurlijk zwart en wit. Ik heb mijn vier lievelingscombinaties op één pagina gezet om het effect te zien.
Als ik er zo naar kijk zie ik dat het effect behoorlijk fel is. Misschien moet ik eens een wat subtieler palet uitproberen: ik bewonder altijd die pagina's met verschillende tinten bruin en een klein beetje roze of geel. Ik noem dat de eco-look.
Als je mee wil doen aan deze challenge en je seizoensgebonden garderobe wil vastleggen: de link staat hierboven. Het is ook leuk om te gaan zien wat de andere crusaders er van gemaakt hebben.


  1. Helen - gold star for you! Love what you did here - observing your own color palettes and making actual samples on the pages. Very clever and visually very interesting. Hope you enjoyed the process of evaluating your seasonal habits, as well as claiming your go-to colors. Thanks for sharing with the team!

  2. I love the bright colours you use, I am a bit scared to use such a vibrant palette.
    Also thank you for leaving the link for this challenge on my blog, it is a great site and I am going to have a go at this challenge too.

  3. HI Helen! i love your interpretation of the challenge and seeing all of your pallets together!

  4. Hi Helen - how's life in library land? We're suffering from seriously dropping issues at the moment :-( It's hard to stem the tide...
    Anyway, love your usual colour scheme - those brights are glorious.

  5. I love your color palettes - thanks for showing the way you put your page together!

  6. Such a cute and clever idea, doing actual palettes to show your colors! The pages look great. Those ivy stencils really make a difference.

    So you're a librarian, hm? I'm an archivist trying to get a library job. It looks like you and I share a distinct love of books :)

  7. Love your idea of Michelle's palettes! Very clever!

  8. What I like most about your palettes, is not only the colors, but also the titles: "My Favorite Palette," "Adventure Palette," and "Romantic Palette." These evoke actions and also seasons.

  9. Love your palettes! So very cool!



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