Friday, July 22, 2011

Mad Scientist: name your colors. Gekke geleerde: geef je kleuren namen.

The challenge for this month of the GPP Street team of Michelle Ward gave me a hard time. I really didn't know how to go about it. I don't make a lot of color mixes and thinking of names for them: I didn't have a clue. So I let time go by and once in a while thought about it. It was my visit at iHanna's blog that gave me this idea. I took some of my old watercolor drawings and looked for mixes that I could cut out. I pasted them in my journal and gave them names that reflect partly the drawing from which they came and partly what they make me think of now.
When I was finally working on this challange it gave me a lot of satisfaction.

Aan de opdracht voor deze maand van het GPP Street team van Michelle Ward had ik een harde dobber. Ik wist echt niet wat ik moest gaan doen. Ik meng niet vaak kleuren en namen voor nieuwe mengsels bedenken(?) ik had echt geen idee. Dus liet ik de opdracht maar liggen, maar dacht er wel af en toe aan.
Pas toen ik iHanna's blog bezocht en zag wat zij er mee gedaan had kreeg ik een idee. Ik heb een paar oude aquarellen gepakt en gezocht naar kleurmengingen, die ik kon uitknippen en in mijn artjournal plakken. De namen die ik ze heb gegeven komen voor een deel voort uit de oorspronkelijke aquarel en voor een deel geven ze weer wat de kleur nu bij me oproept. Eenmaal bezig met de opdracht, had ik er enorm plezier in.


  1. Helen, first let me say thank you for admitting you had a hard time getting started. When you share that you let others feel better about maybe feeling the same way. Second, thanks for sharing that Hanna's post helped you get motivated. Third - I LOVE THIS! I love your choice to cut from old paintings. I love that you found parts of them to observe your color mixes that occur while working. I love that you named your colors, drawing from the subject as well as your feelings, and even put them in collections. It makes for a really interesting page and it is a terrific interpretation of the challenge. Well done girl!!! Thanks for sharing with the team!

  2. Awesome take on this challenge; love the final result. Top name for me? Coming thunder. Brilliant!

  3. Love love your spread! This month's challenge is soooo difficult! I don't know what to do! I think I'll just wait next month :(

  4. Love your journal pages created for this crusade-very colorful! What great names you came up with for your color mixes! Nice job!

  5. Well done for coming to play with us! Love your layout with the circles and your gorgeous handwriting!

  6. Aw, thanks for the mention Helen, glad my post sparked something in you. I think your idea is awesome, and the page too with the names and the arrows and circles. Very scientific and neat! :-)

  7. Beautiful, beautiful! What a great idea! Your spread is really lovely, like different moons floating around with the words as winds between them.



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