Sunday, September 11, 2011

Disappearing Act. Playing with paint, stamps and stencils.

The latest crusade of Michelle Ward # 55 is called Disappearing Act. You work with acrylic paints and bold stamps or stencils. The outcome is very surprising and I really like the results. You'll find the whole story and an explanation here.

De laatste crusade van Michelle Ward # 55 heet Disappearing Act en het is een verrassende techniek met acrylverf en stempels of sjablonen. Je kunt het hele verhaal nalezen en de uitleg volgen hier.
A page in my art journal with a stencel I cut myself.
This is a page in my art journal and as you see I used colors inspired by Michelle Ward
This one was done with one of the stamps I made with an old cd box
This was the first page I did with a stencil I bought some time ago

These are two stamps I made with foam pasted on an old cd box and two stencils I cut.


  1. Helen - great pages! I love how your patterns work with this technique. My favorite is the third one - makes me take a second look as I try to figure out what is under and what is over. Nicely done - looks like you had fun! Thanks for sharing with the team!

  2. Wonderful pages Helen, I like your color choices and your hand carved stamps are nice, too!

  3. Your layers all work so well together to create depth! The fluer de lis page is my favorite!

  4. Wow. Your own stencils and stamps look fantastic! I like your choice of colors. Thanks for sharing!

  5. These are great Helen and wohoo for making your own stamps. I love the final one, with the stencil you already had.

  6. I am so very impressed with your handmade stamps and stencils - this is a craft in its own right and one I have not yet mastered. Lovely results.

  7. Great pages... the disappearing act was subtle and produced beautiful effects!

  8. great work. I am loving that stamp you made with the half-circles. that gives the coolest effect.

  9. My gosh you are productive! I like them all but especially like the second one with the X's. The bold contrast is interesting. -Kim



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