Sunday, October 9, 2016

Looking down for manhole covers! Naar de grond kijken op zoek naar mangat deksels!

Couldn't help looking for them myself after reading Michelle Ward's post about manholes. Do have a look at her blog and start looking for them yourself. So far I cannot say the manhole covers in the Netherlands are very creative, but this is just my neighbourhood. So who knows what I'll discover in other places.

Na het lezen van Michelle Wards bericht over mangat deksels, moest ik wel op zoek naar die dingen bij mij in de buurt. Kijk vooral even op haar blog. De deksels die ik heb gevonden zijn nou niet heel creatief, maar ik blijf oplettend en naar de grond kijken.
This is not a manhole ofcourse, but I really like this one.


  1. Yes, I see the beauty and will have to sent you some pictures from my country :) for fun :)

  2. Helen, how fun to see the covers in your neighborhood. They are all so different, around the world. Let me know if I can share these on my blog! Thanks for taking the time to show us yours!



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